CNC-driven floor grinding machine, different working methods Dec 11 , 2021

CNC-driven floor grinding machine, different working methods

Vibrant industries need fresh blood, but floor work needs to drive heavy grinders and endure industrial pollution such as dust. Traditional working methods discourage most young people. How to attract young people to work has become the current industry focus. Xingyi innovatively developed the CNC-driven floor grinder 850LE, which uses different working methods to achieve consistent results.

Xingyi's CNC-driven floor grinder 850LE is driven by electric power, freeing it from heavy assist operation. The construction of the traditional hand-push grinder depends on the long-term work experience of the workers to adjust the construction according to the ground conditions, and use the cultivated work habits to control the grinding method. The CNC grinding machine is simple and easy to operate. A remote control can control the operation of the machine, which attracts the attention of young people. It is less difficult to learn and reduces the cost of worker training.

The hand-push grinder relies on manpower to travel, and it is inevitable that there will be deviations in the travel route. The CNC grinding is calculated to move forward, and the direction and distance of the movement can be easily controlled. A remote control can solve the work problem of workers controlling the route. stable. Remote control can move and observe the machine at will. Cooperate with industrial vacuum cleaner to achieve dust-free construction, which is healthier.

The new way of working gets rid of traditional fatigue, and it is easier to attract fresh blood into the industry.

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