How to choose a scrubber scientifically? Nov 18 , 2021

How to choose a scrubber scientifically?

First, buy a fully automatic scrubber based on the size of the site. To purchase a fully automatic scrubber, the type must be determined based on the size of the area to be cleaned. If the area is relatively small, then buy a single-brush hand-push scrubber The machine can meet the needs of normal cleaning, which is not only convenient to operate, but also relatively cheap. If it is a relatively large area, it is recommended to buy a more efficient driving type scrubber.

Second, according to the ground environment that needs to be cleaned, there are many types of brushes for electric scrubbers. The most popular one on the Chinese market is the disc type. The purchase of a fully automatic scrubber must be based on needs. Choose a suitable brush plate for the ground environment to be cleaned. Hard floors, such as marble and cement floors, should be cleaned with a brush with high hardness.

Third, select the fully automatic scrubber based on the battery capacity and consider the cleaning time required for the site. Understand the length of one-time use and one-time charging time of the electric scrubber. If the cleaning time is longer, you need to use a larger capacity battery. A single charge can work longer and successfully complete the cleaning mission.

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