Floor grinding and edging sacred artifacts Nov 12 , 2021

Floor grinding and edging sacred artifacts

In floor grinding, no matter the area of the grinding project site is large or small, the problem of edge grinding against the wall always troubles the floor people.

The large grinder grinds against the wall, just like wielding a blue dragon and a moon knife in a small alley-a good knife is hard to use. For corner grinding, small grinders and edging machines with lighter weight are generally used.

Xingyi HTG-250VS edging floor grinder has a light body, good cutting force, and the level of the body can be adjusted. When edging, the light body makes the operation simple and convenient, and the powerful cutting force grinds the ground smoothly,smooth.

Xingyi HTG-S250 edge floor grinding machine is easy to operate and has a very low failure rate. Good machine quality can better guarantee the efficiency of engineering construction. The driven edging machine liberates the labor force. The construction workers can operate the machine while observing the environment to make the grinding and edging effect better. It is easy and efficient to ensure the construction progress and improve the quality of the project.

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