Suitable for small area floor construction vacuum cleaner Nov 13 , 2021

Suitable for small area floor construction vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, and floor construction is also paying more attention to the creation of a dust-free and healthy working environment. Basically, dry grinding is used for construction, and each floor grinder will be equipped with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Achieve dust-free grinding and get rid of the trouble of dust.

Floor construction realizes dust-free grinding. Choose HTG-IVC-55A to be used with a floor grinder, which has high power, strong suction, and high dust removal efficiency. However, the HTG-IVC-55A is a large industrial vacuum cleaner, suitable for large-area projects. The area is too small, and it will be difficult to turn around. It is not convenient. The portable HTG-IVC F-65L is more suitable. The body is light and can be connected. The floor grinding machine is used simultaneously.

Advantages of HTG-IVC F-65L:

1. The sturdy steel barrel and metal frame are more resistant to impact and durable;

2. The appearance is small and exquisite, convenient for transportation, 490mm*650mm*1000mm;

3. Equipped with a strong silent motor, the dust collection efficiency is higher, and the service life is longer, which is more than three times that of the ordinary commercial vacuum cleaner motor;

4. The standard H-grade filter has a large filtering area and can effectively filter 99.9% of 0.3μm dust particles;

5. The manual filter vibrating screen makes the cleaning of the filter easier and time-saving;

6. Equipped with a patented lever lifting mechanism, and the dust collecting bucket is detachable, which is convenient for dust disposal;

7. Equipped with universal industrial casters and humanized push-pull handles to facilitate the movement of the vacuum cleaner.

If the construction area of the project is small and you are worried that the industrial vacuum cleaner is too large and troublesome to carry, you can use this portable industrial vacuum cleaner to make the construction more convenient!

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