Leveling techniques for stone renovation and leveling Nov 08 , 2021

Leveling techniques for stone renovation and leveling

Many people like to use stone to pave the ground, but in the paving process, there is a problem of height difference due to lack of attention. The flatness of the entire ground is not good, so you need to use a floor grinder to refurbish and grind the stone. Smooth. In the process of stone renovation, how to control the flatness of the ground is skillful.

One, start from the gap

The deformation and warpage of the stone are generally concentrated in the gaps, and it is easy to appear that the gaps are higher than the surroundings, and the ground should be ground and leveled from a high place, otherwise if it is laid side by side, the thickness of the board will be easily cut off, and the height difference Actually it has not been resolved. Therefore, after cutting the seam to repair the glue and brushing the protection, first use a concrete floor grinder to cross and smooth the gap.

Second, when you encounter a cut, you have to flatten it before you can move forward.

In the process of flattening the gap, the machine vibrates and the grinding disc collides with the cutting edge. At this time, slow down the walking speed of the ground grinder and operate the machine fan-shaped swing until the jitter and sound disappear, that is, the height difference has been eliminated. Smoothing and then moving forward is very important for the overall flatness quality.

Three, overall grinding treatment

After dealing with all the height differences in the gaps and cuts, the large-area grinding treatment can be formally carried out. Moreover, in this Gu Chengzhong, the leveling must be done at one time, and each grinding and leveling must be handled well. You cannot hope for the next grinding, because if the foundation is not laid in the front, the subsequent leveling will be more difficult, and it may not be able to be polished.

The above are some matters that need to be paid attention to in the process of stone renovation and leveling. Mastering these points will reduce the chance of error during stone renovation and leveling.

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