What kind of floor grinder to choose for the renovation of the old epoxy Nov 08 , 2021

What kind of floor grinder to choose for the renovation of the old epoxy

The epoxy floor is beautiful and clean, rich in color, bright, and dust-free, but the epoxy floor is less wear-resistant than the emery floor and has a shorter service life. It is easy to be damaged under heavy pressure and external force. Scratches, peeling, shedding, sanding, and dusting of the base surface are caused. However, the old epoxy floor with large area damage in China is waiting to be processed. At the moment when the curing process is vigorously promoted, after continuous practice, the old epoxy reforming and curing can effectively solve the problems faced by the epoxy, and it has become A trend.

In the process of refurbishing the old epoxy into a solidified floor, the intelligent floor grinder HTG-800-4A was selected for construction. The operation is easy and the effect is good, and the construction efficiency is improved, and the cost is reduced.

Construction advantages of floor grinder HTG-800-4A:

1. Heavy weight and strong cutting force.

The weight of 800-4A is as high as 540KG, and it is equipped with 2 three-grade weighted irons of 30KG each. The cutting force of the machine is sufficient, so you are not afraid of grinding.

2. The labor intensity is reduced and the construction efficiency is improved.

Floor grinding machine 800-4A can walk and grind autonomously, without relying on manual push, and there is no need to worry about the problem of the machine being pushed too hard or too tired, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers, the operation is easier, and the workers' enthusiasm It will also increase, so the construction efficiency will naturally increase accordingly.

3. Precise grinding, good construction effect.

The floor grinder HTG-800-4A has a fixed-speed cruise function, which can freely adjust the walking speed within 0-25m/min. As long as the parameters are set, different operators can also achieve consistent ground grinding results and precise grinding Make the ground effect more even.

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