Many uses of floor grinders Nov 20 , 2021

Many uses of floor grinders

Floor grinder is also called grinding floor polisher, there are many common names, today we call it floor grinder, let us take everyone to understand this equipment.

Everyone is curious about how the smooth floor paint and stone surfaces achieve this effect. This is mainly due to the floor grinder. Of course, it is called a floor grinder and it is not just for floor polishing. Its application scope is summarized as follows:

1. Floor grinders are mainly used for leveling, sanding, and polishing cement floors, terrazzo floors, aggregates, granite, etc.

2. Polishing of epoxy intermediate layer; smooth rough surface or traces of trowel.

3. The treatment of the painted surface, the removal of surface adhesion, and coating defects.

4. Remove the blemishes on the mortar surface and level the raised patches.

5. Remove paint, polyurethane, epoxy, etc. on the floor surface.

6. Cleaning, waxing and polishing treatment of hardened floors.

In addition, the equipment is equipped with an all-aluminum alloy gearbox body, built-in high-precision gears, reasonable structure, not only practical, but also beautiful in shape; intelligent control panel, integrated electronic panel control, high-speed signal transmission system, all aspects are tightly grasped; The center of gravity can be easily changed. It can be turned to the back of the fuselage during transportation and to the front of the body during construction, which is very intimate.

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