The benefits of using a driven floor grinder Nov 24 , 2021

The benefits of using a driven floor grinder

In addition to more and more attention to environmental protection in the flooring industry, intelligence is also a major development direction for floor grinding machinery R&D and innovation. Under such circumstances, Xingyi Machinery has now developed a new generation of intelligent floor grinding machines with drive and remote control. The technology is mature, and the product types of Goodtech-driven floor grinders are becoming more and more abundant. So, what are the benefits of using a driven floor grinder to grind the ground in floor construction? Can it improve the efficiency of floor construction?

1. Smart grinding

The driven floor grinder overturns the traditional grinding method driven by manpower. By driving forward autonomously, reduces the labor intensity of workers, makes construction easier, and solves the problem that large machines cannot be pushed and are tired!

2. Precision grinding

The driven floor grinder has a constant speed cruise function, and the walking speed can be adjusted freely from 0-25m/min. As long as the parameters are set, different operators can also achieve a consistent grinding effect, and according to the formula, a day’s time can be calculated as Workload.

3. Efficient grinding

The driven floor grinder has a bodyweight of up to 521KG and a working width of 800MM. The machine components are "branded" and upgraded, with high efficiency and low failure rate; and the intelligent grinding method reduces labor intensity and improves worker enthusiasm and construction efficiency.

4. Ramp grinding

Drive-type floor grinders can still achieve constant-speed cruise function within 25 degrees, which is convenient for climbing and grinding and transportation of the driven floor grinders, and the floor construction is safer and more reliable.

5. Dust-free grinding

The driven floor grinder is equipped with a floating dust cover, which can reduce the generation of dust, and with high-power industrial vacuum cleaners for construction, it can achieve dust-free grinding away from the dust, creating a dust-free and healthy working environment for floor people.

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